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Tote Bag

MOQ 50pcs

Lead time

-Sample 5-8days (100pcs & above)
-Mass production 7-14 days
-Mock up will be provided for 99pcs & below before mass production
-Customade orders 30-50 days (MOQ 1000)

  • Cotton Canvas

Beige, Black

  • Seasonal

Emerald Green, Yellow, Lavender, Orange, Pink

  • limited colours available
  • colour accuracy 85% ±

Size Chart


  • 38cm(H) x 35cm(W)

  • 36cm(H) x 36cm(W) x 10cm(G)


  • 42cm(H) x 42cm(W)

  • 38cm(H) x 36cm(W) x 11cm(G)

  • 34cm(H) x 44cm(W) x 10cm(G)


  • 42cm(H) x 39cm(W) x 12cm(G)

Quality Canvas Tote Bag Printing in Malaysia

Durable, lightweight, and portable, the Canvas Tote Bag has it all. It is the one great tool for any purpose, whether it is for shopping, carrying personal items, or even for your marketing, the Tote Bag can do it all.

At The Cottonink, we provide the best custom tote bag printing services in Malaysia. Our 50 years mastery in fabric and ink, alongside advanced technologies have allowed us to create high-quality printing that will bring your designs to life.

Made with fabric woven out of pure cotton, our tote bags are sturdy enough to withstand heavy loads. You do not have to worry about wear and tear as it does not rip easily, making it an ideal companion for carrying things on the go.

Beyond carrying stuff, Tote Bags are perfect for your marketing promotions. With a large enough imprint area, you can customize and showcase any designs or logos of your brand. A cost-effective and environmentally friendly tool for your promotional campaigns.

Start creating strong and impactful Tote Bags for your branding today with The Cottonink. Contact us now!